How to become an Aesthetician as a NON-MEDIC

Our in-depth online pathway into Aesthetics has been designed to enable non-medics to enter the billion-dollar industry as an Aesthetic Practitioner.

Our bespoke Pathway into Aesthetics ONLINE Course has been created especially for Non-Medics to begin an injectable career.

  • Insurance Approved

  • Includes all pre -requisites required for Non Medics

  • Qualify in as little as 30 days

  • CPD Accredited Course - Internationally recognised

This course Includes two vital elements:

  • Knowledge of the human body, advanced A,P & P

    This is a CPD accredited course, 150 CPD Credits attained.

  • Practitioner & Facilities Standards with Business Management Award

    Educate and prepare for the numerous policies and procedures required as an aesthetician

Why train in Aesthetics

Non Surgical cosmetic treatments are worth over 2 Billion per year Globally!

Would you like to earn £1000 + per week?
Would you like to work part time around your family life?
Do you have the passion to be THE BEST?
If you have answered YES to ALL of the above.......WE WANT YOU!
Enrol today onto our Exclusive Online Pathway into Aesthetics a Non-Medic & become a cosmetic injector.

❤Fully accredited
❤Beginners accepted
❤Insurance referral
❤Prescribing panel
❤Plus on-going mentor support

Our Pathway into Aesthetics Course takes you from NON- MEDIC to confident Aesthetician in 5 simple steps

1)Complete you Online Access Course form the comfort of your own home

2) Complete an Online First Aid Course including Anaphylaxis. (if you are already qualified you do not require this step

3) Complete your practical training in one of our training centres in the North west of England.

4) Complete and return your case studies post training for assessment.

5) Attain Insurance and begin your new lucrative career as an Aesthetician.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Overview

    • Before you Begin

    • Speak with an advisor

  • 2

    Structural Review

    • Structural Review Coursework

    • Structural Review Assignment

  • 3

    Skeletal System

    • Skeletal System Coursework

    • Skeletal System Quiz

    • Skeletal System Review

  • 4

    Intergumetary System

    • Integumentary System Coursework

    • Draw and label a single hair

    • Integumentary System Assessment

    • Explain the Integumentary System

  • 5

    Muscular System

    • Muscular System Coursework

    • Muscular System Quiz

    • Muscular System Assignment

  • 6

    Lymphatic System

    • Lymphatic System Coursework

    • Lymphatic System Quiz

    • Lymphatic Assignment

  • 7

    Respiratory System

    • Respiratory System Coursework

    • Respiratory System Quiz

    • Respiratory System Assignment

  • 8

    Digestive System

    • Digestive System Coursework

    • Digestive System Quiz

    • Digestive System Assignment

  • 9

    Nervous System

    • Nervous System Coursework

    • Nervous System Quiz

    • Nervous System Assignment

  • 10

    Endocrine System

    • Endocrine System Coursework

    • Endocrine System Quiz

    • Endocrine System Assignment

  • 11

    Reproductive Systems Male & Female

    • Male Reproductive System Coursework

    • Female Reproductive System Coursework

    • Combined Reproductive System Assignment

  • 12

    Cardiovascular System

    • Cardiovascular System Coursework

    • Cardiovascular Quiz

    • Cardiovascular System Assignment

  • 13

    Urinary System

    • Urinary System Coursework

    • Urinary System Quiz

    • Urinary System Assignment

  • 14


    • Blood Coursework

    • Blood Quiz

    • Blood Assignment

  • 15

    Special Senses

    • Special Senses Coursework

    • Special Senses Quiz

    • Special Senses Assignments

    • Your practical training is now possible after easing of lockdown restrictions


"The ongoing support has been second to none"

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is the training located?

    This is an online course, that can be accessed from your mobile, tablet, laptop or computer.

    Once you have completed your access course you can choose from one of our training centres in Liverpool or Warrington to complete your practical training.

    Our most popular courses for our students who complete this course are:

    Practitioner Lip Filler Course 2 days in house practical training.

    Practitioner Dermal Filler Course 2 days in house practical training.

    Combined Practitioner Dermal & Lip Filler Course 3 days in house practical training

  • Can I train as an aesthetician as a Non Medic?

    Yes - Our access into Aesthetics Course will enable you to begin a career in aesthetics as a Non Medic

    The course includes: Anatomy & Physiology Level 4 - CPD Accredited Home Study - Distance Learning. This course is accredited with 150 learning hours
    Course contains 15 Modules such as Skeletal System, Muscular system, Nervous System.

    At the end of each module the student will be required to complete an assignments and quiz before moving onto the next module.
    Practitioner and Facilities Business Management Course - CPD Accredited
    This course involves the student researching and forwarding various policies that are required prior to becoming an aesthetician.

    Please watch our explainer video to learn how you can become an aesthetician as a non medic

  • Is there any pre requisites to enrol on this course?

    No, anyone who has a passion to learn and pass this course can enrol. Once completed you will be eligible to enrol onto practitioner level practical training

  • How Long does the course take to complete?

    This depends on many factors including your work and family commitments.
    This course is accredited with 150 hours of study time, depending on your availability to work through the course it is possible to complete the course in 4 weeks. On Average students take between 6 and 8 weeks to complete this course.

  • What support will I receive whilst on the course?

    You can message your course tutors directly through the online learning platforms direct message facility.
    Additionally you can schedule a weekly video or voice training call with a course tutor.

  • I already have a level 3 in Beauty?

    There is no need to complete our full access course as you have a Level 3 in Beauty.

    You simply need to complete our Practitioner and Facilities Business Management Course, which is also online home study.

  • Can I get insured as an Aesthetician?

    We make an insurance introduction to all our students who enrol onto injectables training with us. Non Medic Policies for aestheticians typically cost around £100 per month, although each policy may vary due to level of cover required and other factors.

  • I am a Medic

    If you are a Doctor, Dentist, Nurse or Dental Hygienist there is no need for you to complete this course.

    You simply need to complete our Practitioner and Facilities Business Management Course, which is also online home study.

Well done to our student Michelle from Dublin

I did the course back in April with and to say our training was amazing is an understatement.

I travel all over the country where my business has now over 30 locations, and I am to open a new clinic this week in kildare

I have gained a very good professional following. I work hard to build up my own company along with my friend Roberta, and in only the 7 months of our business being opened we was nominated as a finalist for best new business and innovation in business for 2018 by DUBLIN Chamber of commerce.

IMAGINE that all those better clinics, longer standing clinics, popular clinics out there and I was a finalist, incredibly proud moment for all my friends and family. 

I have the massive pleasure of being asked to film for tv which will screen in spring, and did so with the amazingly fabulous  Damo O Nuallain, I have been asked to write articles, and have actual Miss Ireland FINALISTS AND MODELS COME TO SEE ME. 

Among the late night calls and texts I am also a mother to 2 girls, a wife, a daughter, sister,aunt and friend.

Also a massive thanks to Kimberley, her training and support have surpassed my own dream of being my own boss and a specialist in my career.

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