Huge profit margins with phenomenal results, using our own advanced and unique techniques. This technique offers immediate and progressive results. Enrol today on our Fat Dissolving Course Online

  • Complete this course as an Aesthetician, Nurse, Beauty Therapist, Salon Owner, Dental Nurse, SPMU, Laser Practitioner, Tattoo Artist or Medic at home

  • Flexible learning - Completed online in under 8 hours (including practical), log in and out as & when you choose.

  • Health & Safety - Sharps disposal - ANNT - Related anatomy - Complications - Adverse events - Contra Actions - Product protocols - Skin Mapping

  • Insurance approved

  • Fat Dissolving Course Completed Online

  • CPD Accredited - Internationally Recognised

Fat dissolving is categorised as mesotherapy meaning the average insurance policy is £200-£400 P/A

Treatment's cost around £20 per area for the product and you can charge anything from £150 - £250 Per Area!

We can supply you at wholesale prices post training with the highly acclaimed products Adipo Forte - Aqualyx - plus two others fantastic brands. Enrol today on our Fat Dissolving Course Online

Your Course Curriculum

Learn From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

  • 1


    • Welcome

  • 2

    Fat Dissolving

    • What are fat dissolving injections?

    • What is fat?

    • Anatomy of fat

    • Adipocytes

    • Cellulite

    • Fat Cells

    • Fat cell division

    • Fat cell death

    • Fat Dissolving Quiz

  • 3


    • Mesotherapy

    • Injection Techniques

    • Papule Injection

    • Nappage Injection

    • Point By Point Injection

    • The Mesotherapy Technique & Performing

    • Fat Dissolving Injections Procedure

    • Sharps & needlestick injury

    • Clinical Waste

    • ANNT

    • Techniques Quiz

  • 4


    • Mesotherapy Fat Dissolve Injections

    • Deoxycholic Acid

    • Phosphatidylcholine

    • Adipo Forte

    • Aqualyx

    • Lidocaine

  • 5


    • Which area's of the body can be treated?

    • Requirements For Mesotherapy

    • Side Effects of Mesotherapy

    • Contra-Indications

    • Treatment Quiz

    • Treatment Protocols by Area's

  • 6


    • Client Satisfaction

    • Giving A Consultation

    • Consultation Proceedure

    • Treatment Form

    • Aftercare

    • Client Quiz

    • Downloadable Fat dissolving consultation form

  • 7

    Video Training

    • Video Training

    • One last thing - Dont forget this

    • Congratulations

Weight control is the biggest business in the world.

How many of your patients have weight concerns?

  • Treatments Possible

    Double Chin Reduction
    Jowl Reductions
    Lower Abdomen
    Upper Abdomen
    Thigh Reduction
    Bra Bulge

  • Immediate Results

    With so many weight loss treatments available nowadays, clients really want immediate results. This treatment offers immediate improvement that continues to improve for up to 21 days.

  • Safe & effective

    In a year medical trial dated from October 2009 until November 2013, 186 patients were treated with Aqualyx for Localized Adiposity Reduction. Results demonstrate that this CE-marked agent appears to be effective and safe for medical treatment of fat reduction.


  • Can I train in this and qualify entirely online?

    Yes this course is suitable for: Aestheticians, Nurses, Beauty Therapist, Salon Owner, Dental Nurse, SPMU, Laser Practitioner, Tattoo Artist are all eligible. Enrol today and will be qualified as soon as you finish the course.

  • Can I get insured in Fat Dissolve

    Yes absolutely it comes under Mesotherapy, you can add it to your existing policy or ask us for an insurance introduction for a standalone policy. The most cost effective way is to contact your insurance provider to add this onto an existing policy. Should you require a referral from us please do advise post training, we will happily assist.

  • What products does the training cover?

    This course covers the popular products of Aqualyx & Adipo Forte plus two others that are shown within the learning material.

  • Where can I purchase products from after my training?

    You are able to use your current supplier or we can create you an account and supply you with products.

  • Is this an Aqualyx training course online?

    Yes this course is an online fat dissolve course that incorporates three separate fat dissolving products. Many people who are searching for an Aqualyx training course online find the added bonus of training in Aqualyx and two other fat dissolving products

  • Is this fat dissolving course online?

    Yes this fat dissolving course is completed entirely online .


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